INVISV Relay: Providing Multi-Hop Privacy for All

Data privacy and security have never been more important; and for many, the consequences of having their data breached are dire – e.g., prosecution or persecution for doing nothing wrong. We created INVISV to make the Internet more secure and private for all, so today we are announcing that Relay includes 2500 MB per month at no cost, without requiring a subscription up front.

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We’ve previously described what Multi-Party Relays (MPRs) are, why we think they are the best choice for maintaining privacy for users, and how INVISV Relay is one example of the architecture (Apple’s iCloud Private Relay is the other example). Relay provides decoupled IP privacy - separating users’ IP addresses from their data traffic - through a partnership between INVISV and Fastly. With Relay, neither INVISV nor Fastly can tie your IP address to your Internet traffic, which means unlike a VPN there’s no single point of surveillance, censorship, or danger of a data breach at a single location.

We wish we could offer unlimited use of Relay for free. Unfortunately, network infrastructure and bandwidth cost money to maintain. If you like the service and would like to support it, please consider subscribing and unlocking unlimited multi-hop privacy for 5 USD/month (or equivalent in local currency).