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Securing Data in Motion

We believe that users shouldn't have to sacrifice security and privacy to communicate freely, and we're building fundamentally new technologies to make that a reality.

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Vivaldi Privacy Guard: powered by INVISV Multi-Party Relay (MPR)

INVISV powers Vivaldi's new browser-based Multi-Party Relay service, Privacy Guard, offering decoupled trust. INVISV's job is to ensure that nobody but you has all your critical information. In effect, your requests for data from the Internet are unlinked from your identity, and neither INVISV nor Vivaldi nor our infrastructure partners nor your broadband Internet provider nor a mobile operator can link your identity and your Internet usage together.

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Booth: Metadata Secure Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an essential, everyday tool for organizations today. But existing services provide little or no security. Every video call with today's services leaves behind valuable information - the who, what, when, how, etc. of your call are all known to the service provider. Booth prevents that metadata from being exposed to the server. Because your conversations are your conversations.

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Pretty Good Phone Privacy: privacy-preserving mobile service

PGPP is a fundamentally new type of service to provide mobile and Internet privacy. PGPP helps to protect users against types of tracking that previously couldn't be prevented: the tracking of your location by your globally-unique IMSI. PGPP also includes INVISV Relay functionality for all users.

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INVISV combines deep research with practical experience to rethink and reshape privacy in today's society for communication technologies we use every day.

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Article 2024.06.03

PGPP and Relay Shutdown

PGPP and Relay Service Shutdown.

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